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Hire Rise Painting is a division |of Great Western Painting
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Commercial Sand Blast  Industrial Sand Blasting
Water tank Soda Blasting
Water Jet Blasting Chemical Tank sand Blasting
Residential paint water blast Hydro Blasting
Bead blasting Wheel blasting Hydro-blasting

Sand Blasting - Remove Rust and Graffiti
Old Paint,   Interior   Exterior



Light Pole Painting 

Street Poles -  Stadium Poles - Power Line poles



We are A
 MSHA Certified Painting Contractor


Need a Tank Inspection?
Water Tank
Inspection & Painting Division

Thermal painting of tanks

MSHA Certified Contractors
OSHA Certified Contractors
 MSHA Safety Equipment
  OSHA MSHA Training



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High Rise Painting
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 Exterior       High Rise painting      Interior
 5-10-50+  floors  no building to tall

Water Towers - Silos - Industrial Tanks

( Exterior  Scaffolding )  Painters that propel down / Swing Stage Experts

Commercial painting and Industrial
 Holding Tanks Gas pipes, Sandblasting |Water Towers, Industrial Complexes. Sub Stations, garages structures and commercial properties, commercial improvements, electrostatic metal painting, Commercial wall ~paper and vinyl. Epoxy, Oil, Stains, Commercial Wall~ Paper Logos Towers, Malls parking , new construction, Industrial and Hotels, Condominium complexes, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals Casinos, Parking structures, High-rise buildings, Shopping Malls, , Schools commercial improvements, Wallpaper experts, and
Commercial Epoxy concrete coatings.


 Full Service Painting Company 
Texas - Wyoming - Utah - Idaho - Arizona - Colorado - Oklahoma - California

Blocks of rooms at a time
24/ 7 Nights & weekends


 Industrial Painting

Towers - Tanks Hotels  Large
Apartment complexes


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Thermal Painting,  Fire Retardant Painting, Anti Graffiti painting, Fire proof painting, Factory Painting, Townhouse Painting,  Hospitality painting, Acrylic Texture Painting, Zoo Painting, Time and Material painting, Industrial Tank Painting,
Hotel Motel Painting,